Web Development ~ Development Process

Development Process

Our approach to developing a custom tailored, ColdFusion based website uses an Object-Oriented methodical process to gain an understanding of our customer's goals, specifications, envisions, and requirements, so that we deliver a dynamic, robust, and responsive website for our customer.

  • Our process

    1. Conceptualization — prior to proceeding with the technical elements of the web application solution/website development, our practice is to have an in depth session with the customer to determine the inner-workings of the customer's business operation. This provides us an understanding of the customer's business environment, as well as the their envisions, and expectations for which the web application solution will be developed for.
    2. Development Planning — once the customer's needs have been understood, a detailed development plan is compiled, entailing the requirements and scope of web application solution to meet the customer's business operation.
    3. Structural Component Development — once the development plan has been compiled, we start the web application structural components, to include hardware requirements, data modeling, as well as integration of the completed web application development with other systems or services.
    4. Solution Development — is where we start the developing / coding process on the customer's web application/website solution. Proper groundwork here maximizes development efficiency and quality, while minimizing the need to re-develop.
    5. Development Testing — this session entails running the developed solution so as to optimize the solution for all potential platform, configurations, and browsers. During this testing process is where bugs will be identified and corrections applied.
    6. Client Review — this is where the customer will review and approve the web application/website solution developed. It is at this level where the customer may request changes/modifications to the solution.
    7. Pre-Deployment Testing — after the client review, and implementation of any changes or modifications if any, final testing of the solution will be completed to ensure all is in order for deployment.
    8. Customer Training — once the pre-deployment testing has been completed, we team up with the customer to provide user training on the use of the web application/website solution. This training will either be on-site or via a web based conference solution, depending on the contractual agreement.
    9. Deployment — after customer training has been completed, the web application/website solution will be put into operation. Performance monitoring and bug fixes will be included for a period of six months.